Day 4 of Blogging Christmas


Any kind of holiday season is great to do crafts with the kids.
Working full-time unfortunately I never got the time to do crafts with my boy but over the Christmas period we might invest in some time as he loves doing it in creche.

I am a big fan of Pinterest. There’s so many nice things you can find.
I want to share some fun DIY crafts with you that you can do over the next week or so.


Source: Reindeer terracotta pots

I love these pots. I wish I would have spotted them earlier to decorate it with poinsettias.


Source: Reindeer paper plates

This cute little reindeer is made out of paper plates and hand prints. Its amazing how little you need.


Source: fingerprints fairy lights

All you need is an A3 piece of paper, some finger paints and a black pen. This creates lovely Christmas lights.


Draw a few reindeer antlers on Brown paper depending on how many members  you have in your family  cut then out and stick them to the faces you cut out beforehand. Done.


A guide on how to do this cute little Santa, read about it here.

Have you done any nice crafting this season?

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