Day 5 of Blogging Christmas


I’m a bit behind lately with the Blogging challenge because of tiredness during pregnancy I never have the energy to post something proper.
But here’s yesterday’s post.

It’s all about favourite outfits.

Right now, all I am wearing is leggings, leggings, leggings. Everyday. Comfiest thing ever invented especially for pregnant ladies.

I never really wear any maternity clothes. I think it makes the bump look even bigger. So at the moment I am just wearing long tops from H&M or New Look.

Before I was pregnant I would wear skinny jeans a lot. I love my plum coloured skinny jeans. I would simply combine it with a nice looking t-shirt or top. I am not big into fashion to be honest. I just buy whatever I feel like or looks nice.

Shoewise I got new boots from Next about a month or 2 ago. I’ve been wearing them everyday since. So comfy.

Do you have your own fashion look or follow the trends?

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