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It’s Friday again which means another episode of my blog series “A Day in a Parenting Blogger’s Life” is up again.

Today it’s a blogger I follow quite a lot. It’s Steph from Renovation  Bay Bee. Her home decor post inspire me the most. You have to check out her blog. But apart from being super duper at decorating, she is also busy being a mum. Over to you Steph.

First of all, tell me a bit about yourself.

Hi I am Stephanie, although everyone calls me Steph. I am a Mum of 3 children, Tyler, my 12yr old son, who is in his 2nd year at secondary school (Which makes me feel very old!) Then we have my little surprises, a set of identical twin girls, Lily and Sofia who are now 7yrs old. I always wanted 3 children but didn’t expect to get them all done in 2 pregnancies!


How many times were you woken last night?

I am so lucky that my kids are fantastic sleepers, they sleep through anything. Thunderstorms, fireworks and even when we had to call an ambulance out for one of my girls! They slept through the chatting, banging around, 4 people arriving and woke up the next morning oblivious to anything that had gone on!

Do you co-sleep?

My husband works nights shifts, so I do sometimes have one of them in my bed with me. They like it, and I like the company.

What time do you normally wake up?

I am terrible at waking up, always have been. Although if any of my children wake up in the night with a nose bleed or poorly, I can jump out of bed and ready for Mum duties! I wake about 7am.

How much average sleep do you get a night?

I go to bed around 10pm, and settle down about 11, 11-30pm. So between 7-8 hours sleep, still not enough for me!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

When my alarm goes off, I hit the snooze a couple of times….then get out of bed. Straight down to make everyones breakfast, feed the dog, sit and watch the morning telly whilst waking up and eaten mine.

Tell me about your typical morning routine.

Once I have eaten my breakfast, I will sit on the sofa and do my make-up, whilst the kids are eating theirs. Hubby is already in bed asleep from his night shift, so I dream of having a dressing table to sit and get ready at. Then we head off to do the school run about 8:40am and walk to school.

When and how often do you prepare the family dinners? Give us a few examples what you would cook.

We cook most of our dinners from scratch, hubby is the cook in our house and cooks a great slow cooker Spaghetti Bolognese. We do like pasta dinners, roast dinners, curries, Mexican meals, and good old sausages and mash!

What’s on the menu for lunch?

As my children are at school, I have lunch on my own, and is often a fresh soup. Tyler has school dinners, and the girls have a packed lunch in their YumBox lunchboxes, which they love.

What activities have you got planned for the day for the kids?

During the school week it is hard, by the time they come home from school, they need to get any homework done, spellings, reading ect. So I sit with them to get this done, whilst hubby gets dinner cooked. I like to give them free time to do what they want in the house after that though, as they have been at school with their rules all day.

 Do you generally eat dinner together as a family or get the kids fed first?

We all eat together, hubby has to eat by 5pm to leave for work on time.


What do you do after dinner?

We only have one car, so hubby takes this to work. So as he cooked I clean, I usually do some housework at this time too. I also don’t need to worry about waking hubby up with the hoover!

What is your bedtime routine?

The girls settle down between 7-7:30pm, as they are 7 they get themselves ready. I just have to direct and keep them concentrating on the task! They love listening to audio books in their room. So they snuggle down and listen to a story for 15-30mins. Tyler being 12 of course sorts himself out, then comes down and spends the evening with me. It is a nice time to have a chat with him and catch up on what he has been up to. He goes off to bed about 9pm.

Most importantly, when and where do you normally blog in those 24 hours? Do you have a schedule?

With the kids at school I have the daytime to do my blogging, so I do the school drop, then either run my errands, shopping if anything needs doing. Then it is the dogs time! We go off out and meet other people to walk with, or just on our own and spend at least an hour out walking. If I don’t do this now, and don’t get my fresh air each day I really struggle!
So then I come back home and get a coffee and start working, I will then work until about 2pm when hubby gets up. I will keep checking e-mails, or doing little pieces all afternoon, in between school pick up ect. Then come the evening I will sit down on the sofa with my laptop and do my commenting, networking and easy blogging jobs.

Thanks for that Steph. Sounds like a very organised mum to me. I keep telling myself it will get easier once they turn seven.


Blog URL: http://blog.bay-bee.co.uk

Everyone loves a follower more. What social media platforms can we find you on?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steph_baybee1/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BayBeeUK
Twitter: https://twitter.com/steph_baybee
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/stephi103

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