Our Disney on Ice Experience

At the weekend we attended a show. But not just any show, we went to Disney On Ice which took place in the Citywest Hotel all weekend. I got tickets for the Saturday morning slot. I just found it was the best time for both kids, right after breakfast. We nearly didn’t go as Matthew currently has a cold but it’s getting better. He really didn’t want to miss it and said he wanted to see Mickey Mouse.

We are so lucky to live so close to a venue now. The traffic wasn’t actually too bad either. It is recommended to arrive an hour early before the show starts. Once we got parked, we walked into the venue, got our tickets scanned and had a look around. Hubby didn’t have any proper breakfast yet so he decided to get a hot dog for himself. While the kids and me queued at the sweet shop to get an ice cream each. We then made our way to the seats. We actually had a brilliant view. My hunting for good tickets haven’t lost me yet from the old concert days.

The show started off with an introduction from the rabbit and fox from Zootropolis.

Then it was Mickey and Minnie Mouse who welcomed us all to Disney on Ice – Passport to Adventure. The show started off with the Small World song. This used to be my favourite one as a child. When my mum and me went to Disneyland, we took the boat around the small world. It’s so magical.

Next was The Lion King. One of my favourite Disney movies of all time probably. They covered pretty  much all songs in such a short space of time. The costumes were brilliant. It must have been absolutely roasting for the actors to skate in that and also making sure not to fall at the same time.

The Peter Pan show was a bit longer. It covered it from the time Wendy and her siblings flew to Neverland, Captain Hook and Wendy and siblings heading back home to London. It was pretty mesmerizing though the way they designed it all. Captain Hooks ship, for example, was remote controlled and drove around on the ice which was pretty cool. The detail on it was incredible.

It was time for a break which I found great because the show is aimed at kids after all. They may need to go to the toilet half way through or stretch their legs. Matthew and me had a wander around at the stands where you could buy merchandise, drinks and other things. I did find the prices were a bit extraordinary but they probably make a fortune out of it. I bought Matthew a Fabius cup that included a straw with Sebastian the crab on it. They filled this with crushed ice and coloured it. It was a bit hard to eat but Matthew was happy anyway. We returned to our seats again.

Chloe was getting a bit fed up and wanted to go home but she was happy enough to look at the magazine then and spot Mickey and Minnie Mouse in it.

Next up was Ariel. Another movie I loved as a child. Again the presentation was very well done. They had a massive inflated Ursula. And last but not least was Frozen. Of course all the kids were going crazy when it came on. You could hear them all singing. Sometimes I think the whole Frozen thing is a bit overdone though. If I was to go to Disney on Ice again next year, I would hope that Frozen is not part of it again and they mix it up. Overall I was positively surprised. I have heard mixed opinions on Disney on Ice previously. As we went for the first, I would definitely recommend it.

Have you been to Disney on Ice before?

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  1. Great post and fab photos!
    I went to Disney on Ice when I was younger with my parents and loved it, this post took me right back to my childhood!!

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