Easter Gifts for Matthew

So the Easter bunny has been busy this year. I got all the present he is going to look for in the morning. Last year he only got chocolate and no presents. But I think because I was kind of spoiled at Easter too other than just chocolate, Matthew deserves a little treat, too.

I filled his Easter basket a few days ago. It contains some small chocolate bunnies, eggs and chickens and a big bunny with chocolate buttons inside. (Don’t worry I am going to eat half of this. I don’t want him eating too much chocolate because he gets hyper so easily)

Easter basket

Furthermore I got him 2 presents he can look for in the morning in the garden. I hope the weather is at least a bit decent to do this Easter Egg hunt. We might be able to get a few nice photos even.

Easter gifts 1

Easter gifts 2


Matthew is obsessed with Peppa Pig and apart from teddies and books he doesn’t have any Peppa Pig toy related things. That’s why I decided to buy him the Wobbley train with a Weeble in it and an extra one which is Pedro Pony. He loves trains so I am hoping this is going to be a big hit.

Easter gifts 3

He has a sandpit sitting outside in the garden. So once the weather is going to pick up he will play in the garden a bit more again. This Mickey Mouse bucket set is perfect to play in the sand.

Apart from all these toys he is also getting a small George pig egg off me and daddy and he got a Crunchy egg off his grandparents today. We are going to eat that chocolate for weeks!

What are your little ones getting this Easter? Have you planned a hunt?

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