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Recently Ella’s kitchen have launched their new scrummy snack bars and healthy fruit and vegetable pouches for children 3 years and over. I was delighted to try these out as it meant my 3 year old son Matthew got to try out something from Ella’s kitchen and didn’t feel neglected when it is always Chloe that receives the good stuff.

There are 3 fruit bar flavors to choose from: Raspberry & Mango, Pineapple & Coconut and Banana & Raisins. You have to remember that all Ella’s kitchen products are organic. These snacks suits vegetarians, there are no dairy, gluten, nut, egg and no soda ingredients. Now if that doesn’t sound promising.



So what did we think of the fruity bars? Each pack comes with 5 individual wrapped bars. I can’t deny that Matthew is a huge fan of them. He absolutely loves them. He generally gets one of these as a snack before he gets ready for bed. But I also found out that he seems to be getting these in creche which would explain why he loves them so much. These will be definitely on my shopping list whenever our stock of them is gone.

Now let’s move onto the smoochy snack pouches. There are 4 different flavors available: Orange & Carrot, Apple & Cucumber, Mango & Pumpkin and Strawberry & Beetroot.


All four smoochy snacks have a dash of lemon juice added to them.

What did we think of these pouches? Well, I have to be honest, as you can’t like everything. So unfortunately I have to say after trying these, Matthew wasn’t a big fan of them. I’d say it must be the mixture between fruit and vegetables. He loves apples and he loves cucumber but the mix is just not for him. But that’s not a bad thing of course. Children have different tastes. Your child might like these and they could be a big hit in the house. You wouldn’t know unless you try.

Ella’s Kitchen has won a couple of awards this year for their amazing food ranges. Mums + Tots Awards 2015 (best baby food), Prima Baby Awards 2015 (silver for best baby food), Mums Choice Awards 2015 (from 4 months range wins best baby food) just to name a few.

I don’t know about your town but some retailers have only very limited products available from Ella’s kitchen. If you are stuck with flavors or look for something very specific, you can always purchase dinners and snacks online with them.

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  1. Oh my littles love Ella’s kitchen. We are quite lucky here we have a lot of choice with Ella’s kitchen, My children especially love the bars with fruit in and the fruit pouches. These bits from the new range look fab. x

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