Employee Appreciation Day

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On Friday we had a very special day at work. It was employee appreciation day. A bit of fun all day rather than work. We did work a bit because I am working on the helpdesk. People on the helpdesk had to be broken up into 2 groups so we have at least a few people on the phones at all times. I have to say it was pretty quiet that day. Generally it’s quiet every Friday but this one was even quieter. This meant that we could enjoy ourselves more though.

One of the girls who is located in the Dublin office had a candy cart with her. This was a big hit. Sweets all day. I still have 3 bags laying around here in the house as there was just so much.


Big shout out to Louise and Catherine by the way for pulling this whole thing together in just a few hours. The competitions they came up with were amazing too. There were 2 treasure hunts and a few other games where you could win a €20 one 4 all voucher every time. I nearly won at one stage but forgot a word at the end. Boo. This was to guess celebrities photos from when they were young.

IMAG3253_1Sandra and I, a girl who I work with, were quite competitive when it came to beating everyone in table tennis. We really enjoyed that game playing it all day long. The boys were more into playing Xbox.

IMAG3265_1Best thing about it was we were allowed to drink alcohol. Everyone managed to keep it at a limit though. I had 2 Coronas.


Around 2.30pm the girls had food ordered from Supermacs which is a fast food chain over in Ireland. Not sure if it exists in the UK. Everyone digged into different flavours of pizza, chicken and chips.



All staff members received a goodie bag with things like pens, highlighters, musli bar, a voucher for an hour off this year, usb vaccum cleaner, bath duck, nail varnish etc. 

Also the funniest part had to be the helium balloons that many staff members, including me, used. We were laughing our heads off.

My day ended at 5pm and I was off to collect the kids from creche. I really enjoyed myself and I am happy to say that this day happens once a year which is a very good idea in my opinion.

Have you ever had an appreciation day in work with fun and games where you don’t concentrate on work for once?

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