Essentials in my bag I can’t leave without

I can consider myself lucky only to live 5 mins drive from town and 15 mins walk. I live in a small town with a population of  22.000. This means generally I don’t take a crazy amount with me in my bag when I go out on a walk with Chloe because it will normally be between her feeds so there is no need to take bottles for example.

Pink Lining has asked bloggers what would be their absolute essentials when leaving home.



1 – Sometimes I take nappies and wipes with me if I am gone a bit longer
2 – Of course I can’t leave the house without my purse including my bank card. I rarely have cash on me as I pay most of my shopping with card.
3 – If I forget my phone at home, I will have to go back. Not only because I am obsessed with it and might take a few nice snaps on the way but also to be available for hubby on the go. You never know.
4 – All that will fit lovely into my over the shoulder bag.
5 – Keys is an essential to lock the front door but I also have my car key on it.



I am that type of mum who hates to take the whole house with her. There is absolutely no need for it in my opinion. I am always taking as little as I can so there is more space for the shopping underneath the pram.

What are you essentials when leaving the house for a walk/or a stroll around town?

This is my entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador Search.



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