All the Facts about the Christmas Tree

Have you all put up your tree? Ours went up on Saturday. In fact I couldn’t wait to put it up. When you have a fake Christmas tree that takes two hours to put up and look perfect, I definitely want to get the most out of it.  But when is officially the right time to put the tree? Do you follow the tradition or do you just put it up whenever you feel festive?

The Christmas tree is definitely the centre piece of Christmas. Everyone gathers around it, the presents go underneath and it’s just so cozy in the evening time when the lights are off and it’s cold outside. Having a proper Christmas tree is very important to us. The first ever decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia, in 1510 and the world has been decking the tree every December ever since.

The most popular Christmas tree is the Nordmann fir. I can recall that because in Germany we always got a real Christmas tree and it was always the Nordmann fir. It costed that bit much more but it just looked so much better and the smell was lovely. The not so fun part was to cut the trunk to the right size to it fitted into the base. That was generally the job for my grandad.

I wanted to share this very informative infographic with you which was create by the lovely Bloom & Wild. It was actually very interesting to read how the world evolves around the Christmas tree.  For whatever reason, this year people seem to be a lot more festive earlier and so some trees have actually gone up at the end of November. Though it’s supposed to be bad luck to leave the tree up any later than the 5th January. It’s actually funny because the fact we always had a real tree in Germany, we never put the tree up until the day before Christmas Eve. It was always such an enjoyment to get the decorations out and put them up together. I even remember back in the day there was no such thing as Christmas lights. We had candles on it.

We decided not to change the themes this year and just stuck with the red and silver baubles.  One or two new ornaments join the family each year. I went with the warm lights this year. We used to have multi coloured one for years but I just don’t feel like looking at them at the moment.

What is your Christmas tree tradition? Real tree, fake tree, white lights, multi coloured lights?

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