Our Family Bucket List 2017

So far I have shared my World Travel and Ireland Travel Bucket list with you. When I came across Kerry’s post who blogs at Oh So Amelia, I realised that I never created a bucket list for the whole family. That doesn’t mean I forgot the family. I just never thought to write it down. I always keep it in my head. But the problem with that is sometimes, I come up with all these great ideas we can do as a family and then forget them. So better to write them down for sure.

Last year we went on our first ever family holiday to Spain. Despite the heat, the kids did enjoy it especially Matthew splashing in the water all day. This year we might be taking it a bit easier and skip a summer holiday. Instead we are planning on going a few mini trips and make use of the bank holidays. That way we don’t have to take much time off work. But not everything requires us to travel, so I added those things to the list, too.

• Go to the Zoo

• Visit the Children’s Museum “Imaginosity”

• Explore the local nature trail

• Go to the beach

• Have a family dinner meal out

• Build a den

• Take the family on a ferry to the UK

• Take a train ride (my four year old has never been on a train before would you believe it)

• Run off some energy in the play centre

• Pick fruit from a field

• Visit Peppa Pig World/ Thomas Land

• Find a local playground

• Have a family movie night with popcorn, pizza and drinks

• Go to the cinema more often

• Create a family scrap book ( meant to do this for ages)

• Go on a mini holiday to Center Parcs

• Sign up Matthew for his first tennis lessons in September

• Head into Dublin City as a family

• Build sandcastles in the garden in the sandpit

• Take a mini family break in Ireland somewhere

• Go to an aquarium

That should keep us occupied for the whole year. I can’t wait to tick them off. I think I am actually going to print them off on a sheet and hang them on the fridge so I can see them all the time and that way I can tick them off as I go along. We definitely have an exciting year ahead having the bucket list set. It’s like having a plan rather than just letting the year pass by and see what happens.

Have you got a family bucket list?

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17 thoughts on “Our Family Bucket List 2017

  1. That’s great. I need to get to the stage of being to order the photos first ha x

  2. definitely do. When i saw it on another blog I thought it was the cleverest idea.

  3. Aww this is a lovely idea! Definitely print it out and stick it on your fridge, you’ll always know you’ve definitely got something fun to look forward to and quality family time planned in 🙂 xxx

  4. I want to take Piglet to a zoo (nearest one is 2 and a half hours away) and I would love to pick fruit from a tree this summer/autumn #thelist

  5. I think a bucket list for the family is such a lovely idea. What a great list Janine you put some of our favourites on there. I would like to do a lot of that with my family this year too. Xx

  6. Happy new year! I think it’s lovely to set out a list at the start of the new year of things to do as a family. I have mine on my phone and it’s great if we suddenly have a free day to have inspiration of what to do. My children helped create our list so it was lovely to see what they wanted to do too. Hope you manage to tick most of them off this year x

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