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Today I want to introduce you to an app I am using frequently for storing photo memories of my son. I have been using it since Matthew was a newborn.

It’s called 23Snaps.









In a nutshell it is a private photo sharing app which was designed by parents, for parents.It is a secure way of sharing your child’s life with other family members and friends.

It is very common these days that a lot of people don’t print off the photos anymore and put them in a photo album because of the lack of storage. I have to admit I still kind of do that but only special moments like trips away. With a toddler jumping and running around I wouldn’t get around to do this much though so that’s why this app is quite handy.

All you do is create an account for yourself with an email address and a password. Once you done that, you can add your children.

Once that is done, add your partner and send him an email to let him know about the app so he can add photos in future too.
You can add any family members or give any friends access to look at the photos. All you have to do is send them an email to invite them.

And this is the way it is going to look in the end when you are finished with the setup.


What I like most about this app is that it filters down the photos into each month. Great way of seeing the development/changes in your child.

This app is not just for sharing photos. You can also record the weight and height of your child, or upload a video.


I have all the photos I have taken of my son saved on Dropbox but I am not going to look at every single one because there is simply too many. That’s why this app gives me the opportunity to choose those special photos/moments, upload them and keep them in one place and I have them to look at forever.

The app is available in the Android Market, Apple Store and Windows Store but you can also run it as normal on the website in your web browser.

Have you used this app before? What did you think of it? How do you store your family photos and do you make up photo albums in them or store them on a special app as well?




2 thoughts on “Family Photos in One Place – 23Snaps

  1. Hubby introduced it to me first.
    Whenever I do get time to set up a photo album for Matthew I can look back on each month on the app and just copy what is in it. Very handy.

  2. Wow I have never heard of that before but it sounds great. I like anything that has to do with photo sharing. lol Will have to try it out myself. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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