Fashion: My top 5 favourite right now

Let’s talk fashion today and make my blog a bit more interesting excluding the daily life routine…

1. My favourite clothes at the moment has to be leggings. So comfy and able to wear to anything. Goes well with long tops. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to find a lot online. Any online shop suggestions?

2. Shoes… Has to be converse! I just love my white converse. Not easy to keep them clean though.

3. Makeup… I’m not a big fan of makeup really as being a mum you don’t really get time to dress up properly but my daily makeup would be definitely mascara anyway.

4. Bag… The handiest bag ever has to be the bag my mum gave me as a present a few years ago! The amount of stuff that fits in it. The brand is Travelon if you’d like to look it up.

5. Hair-do… I keep my hair down at all times really. But recently I finally got my hair cut. Just took me nearly a year. So the fringe is back.

I want to know your top 5 fashion things! It’s great for some inspiration.


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