Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s just 12 days left until Father’s Day hits us again. Do you have your presents sorted yet? Are you still looking for that special present? Don’t panic, I might have the perfect gift listed below for you.

fathers day gift ideas1. Man Cave Washbag €32.99

For men on the go, this set includes a ManCave flannel. Including the ManCave Flannel, Borage Moisturiser, Willowbark Face Wash & Olivestone Face Scrub. Spotted in Boots

2. Google Chromecast €39

Out of personal experience I thought this one should definitely make the list. We are using it so much to watch Netflix for example. But it can be used for so many other things. We actually have two in the house. One in the bedroom and one in the living room. We like showing the kids picture on it too which are being streamed from the phone.

3. Fitbit Charge HR approx. €130

If you have one then you know how addictive it can be. Hubby and I both have one and I love using it just simply for the sleep tracker but it also feels good to reach that step goal a day which is 10.000 steps.

4. Giorgio Armani €84

Giorgio Armani introduces Code Profumo, a new intensity. Profumo; meaning Perfume in Italian is an intense, long lasting Parfum for Men.

The iconic scent of seduction now reaches an intense heat with Amber, Benzoin and Tonka Bean in the base notes. A mysterious, seductive & burning intensity. Fusions of radiant woods and amber with melting woody smoky tones.

A stunning new look; a more luxurious ,tactile glass sculpted bottle. The intriguingly intrinsic metal tuxedo belt is inspired by the Armani Tuxedo Cummerbund one of the iconic elements of Armani fashion, reclaiming the signature Armani Code Hollywood inspired heritage . More luxurious, more modern, more Code, more seductive than ever before. Spotted in Boots

5. Philips Shaver €171

Get a clean, close and gentle shave with the Philips Shaver series 7000. The comfort rings with micro-bead coating reduce friction against the skin. Designed for sensitive skin: micro-bead coating reduces friction for smooth, relaxed skin. Spotted in Boots

6. Star Wars BB-8 USB Charger $29.99

For all Star Wars Fan out there this is a must. How cool is this. A USB Charger in form of BB-8. It just simply plugs in your cigarette lighter.
Two USB charging ports each of which provide 2.1 Amps (enough to charge 2 tablets simultaneously). It will easily fit into your cup holder. Spotted on ThinkGeek.com

7. Nest Cam approx €199

Again out of personal experience this is a great product. Originally we have used it in the living room so hubby can connect in and watch the kids while he is working away somewhere. Now we are actually using it as video camera in Chloe’s room while trying to get her to sleep for the night or for a nap. It has night mode and works instantly. When you look at the brightness it shines on the room, you’d think the light on the Nest Cam is really bright but there is actually no light on it. It’s really smart.

Anything you spotted your dad or even the dad of your kids might like?

12 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide

  1. My hubby loves the good old aftershave. He read through the guide I posted yesterday evening and he wants that USB charger now though lol x

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