Our First DATE #Blogtober17

The month of October I am taking part in Blogtober which was created by Amanda. She blogs at Hex Mum Blog. Today’s prompt for #Blogtober is “Date”. First thing that jumped into my mind was the first date hubby and me went on. So sit back and enjoy a funny first date story.

It all started off the day after we first met. This is almost nine years ago. We met a few days before Christmas. Back then it was actually possible to sleep off the hangover until 10am. Now I don’t even go out so I am not even getting into this situation. We were texting late the night before and agreed on a time he would pick me up the next day. I think as far as I can remember it was 2pm. I don’t know why I still remember that.

Back then I was living in an apartment block with one of my friends. Hubby arrived on the dot in front of my apartment to pick me up in his then red Audi. The original plan was to go for a walk in the local woods. How romantic, right? Well, it took us quite some time to find the woods that he wanted to take me to. Can I just point out that he is a local guy as well. It was actually hilarious in a way. He had to call one of his friends to point him in the right direction. Even though I have only lived in the town around three months, I even knew the way. But you know the way first dates go, I didn’t want to tell him where to go because he’s made such an effort.

After a long crispy and chilly afternoon walk, we took a break on a bench. Then we drove back into town and ordered some Chinese for dinner to have in my apartment. Once we were finished, it was movie night. Half way through the movie, hubby fell asleep on me. The movie must have been that good. In fairness he did have a tough job back then. He was driving all over the country, installing a software. We watched National Lampoons – Christmas Vacation. This is our annual movie every year ever since.

After that he drove back home. He left his scarf with me as a gesture to ensure me he will come back. Now you all go “awwwwww” haha

Taken 5 days after we met

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