First Days of my Holidays

Little update on my visit in Germany.

Tuesday 26th July:

I arrived in Germany that day in the morning around 10.30am. I stayed in a hotel at dublin airport the night before as my flight was early in the morning the next day.

After a little delay on the German train because the train driver decided to arrive late for work I made the train to Waren and arrive at my mums house around 3pm. It was lovely and warm outside… That changed the days after though.

Wednesday 27th July:

The next day we went shopping. Bought my Hello Kitty socks as usual and a few little bits and pieces.

Today is Saturday and it has been raining since nearly 2 days. It is like autumn. You can’t go anywhere really. But it is good to relax in front of the tele too as I am not getting German channels everyday.

A few days ago my mum and me took down a big tree as it was stealing us the lovely sun. Some work that was but it is done. She couldn’t have done it on her own. I have to do a few more little things before I leave in 2 weeks.

Tuesday coming we are going to Spain for a week. Looking forward to that. Finally getting a bit more tan.

Meanwhile Dermi in New York has been dieing the last 2 weeks since he got there. He was in pain with his poor tooth. Since yesterday it has got better as he got a root canal treatment done. I hope he is all happy again when I arrive in 2 weeks time.

That was my little update. More to follow!

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