First Ever Christmas Play

Last Thursday I left work early. I wasn’t sick, the kids weren’t sick. It was something way more exciting than that. Matthew had his first ever Christmas play in creche. First I haven’t even thought of how much of a big deal it was until I talked to all my mummy friends. No doubt I had to leave early and go and see it. There were different session on for each room. Matthew is now in the pre-school room his one started at 3pm.

I left work at 2.15pm on Thursday to head down to the creche which is a 20 minutes drive from work. I haven’t even had any lunch yet so while on the way there, I stopped in a petrol station to buy some crisps and a chocolate bar and fuel myself up.

I was the second parent to arrive. I was on time, yay for that. In the hall way they all the little chairs lined up for the parents to sit on. Your bum just about fits onto it. But it’ s a creche after all, you wouldn’t expect them to have a stash of grown up chairs stored somewhere. I sat down in the first row as I planned on taking a few photos. I ended up taking barely any because it was so cute watching Matthew in the play.

As we all arrived, the children came out. They were dressed as Christmas trees, birds and  a star. Matthew was one of the reindeers. He told me about it a few days beforehand.

He was a bit shocked, even surprised at first that I was there watching him. Mummy is normally at work, what’s going on? The Christmas play was amazing and all children did really well. They remembered all their parts and the singing was brilliant. To teach a bunch of four year olds is pretty hard I’d imagine.

When they were finished, they all went over to their mummy’s and daddy’s. Matthew came over to me with smiles and I told him how good he was. He was very happy and then invited me to come into his room for the parents and children’s Christmas party. They had chocolate biscuit cake, mince pies, biscuits and cup cakes ready for us. The kids were sitting in the middle at the table digging into their cupcakes. It was a lovely afternoon. And Matthew got to go home nearly an two hours early so we collected Chloe from her room and had some play time at home.

Did your kids have a Christmas play in creche/nursery/school this year? What role did they play? 

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