Garden Games This Summer

Summer is truly upon us now.  Of course, especially in Ireland, we do get the odd day of rain and maybe sometimes a bit too much but honestly this June was pretty good. As far as I can remember June normally used to be the month of rain in Ireland. So far it has been a very good month. You have to remember there was the heatwave the start of the month on top of that.

Summer means the kids want to be outside more. You don’t need to leave the house to have fun though. There are so many fun garden games out there that will certainly keep your kids busy. A lot of these I loved playing myself as a child.



This is a game that I used to play a lot. Not only in my childhood days but also as I got older with my mum and on holidays. There was always a little tournament on at the hotel in Spain my mum and me went on holiday on. As I have been playing it so many times, I got a diploma every now and then.
You throw the ball anywhere on the ground and the person who is the closest to the small ball wins. You are also allowed to kick players balls away so you get closer to the small ball. I prefer playing with the silver Boules set.



Trampolines are so popular these days. Every house in our estate who has children has one sitting in their garden. So far we decided against one because it takes up a lot of space but whenever we move to a new house, it will definitely be on my to-buy list because I think Matthew will love it. He was bouncing around on a bouncy castle in creche today and he kept mentioning it to me. He loved it so much. Might be something for his 4th birthday coming up.


Another game that has been going for years and gives us children hours of fun. This is probably an outdoor game that I played the most as a kid. Whether that was at home or in school. Our yard at home was all sand so I just drew the hopscotch on the sand and used a stone and hopped a long.


Matthew got a Mickey Mouse Skittles game last year for Easter. He didn’t get the idea of hitting it with the ball and just hit it with his foot in the end but these days we get to play it every now and then. That’s if Chloe doesn’t knock them over beforehand and Matthew is freaking out.


Another traditional game I used to be a big fan of was playing with marbles. I think that’s such an old school game but it was so much fun.

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