How Do you get a Good Night’s Sleep? #SleepExperts

Getting a good night’s sleep is a very important fact to me. I love my sleep and plenty of it. It can be hard when you got young children and I certainly didn’t get the sleep I had hoped for when my two were newborns. But that’s only normal, right?

When you become a parent, you have a lot of responsibilities. The chores are never ending. It starts from morning until night. It is basically a 24 hours job. From getting them ready for nursery, dressing them brushing their teeth to making them lunch and cooking a family meal for dinner. It can all get a bit exhausting by the end of the day. But where do you get the time to sleep?

I am not an expert when it comes to sleeping but the tips below are just a few that personally worked for me. My average sleep a night is seven to eight hours.

Track your sleep

Two years ago I got a Fitbit Tracker. Normally people get these to track their steps and keep fit. I got the HR one which also tracks my sleep. I mostly use it for that and am quite obsessed with it. A while ago I actually wrote a post about my sleep tracking. I have my Fitbit set what time I should go to bed and how much sleep on average I should get.

Do some Exercise

To get a good night’s sleep, exercise can be the key. I’m honest, lately I have been really bad trying to keep fit at all.  Let’s be honest, I eat a lot of crap, particularly in the evening time. It may have got to do with the fact I had a busy day at work and just want to sit down and relax with a cup of tea and some biscuits. I signed up to tennis a long time ago but so far haven’t gone that much. Even a little walk around the estate, once the kids are in bed, will do.

Only Snacks

Everyone gets an appetite again in the evening time, even after having a big dinner. That’s okay, you can eat something of course but make sure it’s not a heavy meal. Every evening I have a cup of tea with one or two biscuits and that will do me just fine.

Choose the right mattress and pillow

We have a super king size bed and it is the most comfortable bed  in the world. We are using a spring mattress on it. They actually recommend to change your mattress every ten years and also turn the mattress every now and again. Can you imagine turning a super king size mattress every week? I certainly can’t. We used to have memory foam pillow up to recently and I was getting really fed up with them. I replaced them with Microfibre ones and find them so much more comfortable. Have you ever tried out double electric beds? Me neither. The position you are sleeping in, is very important to support your spine and not get back ache. I always have back ache so I am sure I am going wrong somewhere.

No bright screen

There is no denying that everyone checking their phone before they go to bed, or first thing in the morning. It can be hard on the eye. I am one of them. I always check my phone in the evening and morning. What I have been doing though, is turn down the brightness. Still bad habit but better than looking at  bright screen.

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