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Now that Chloe is 1 month I need to have a think about how I am doing up her nursery. I planned on doing it during pregnancy but because the computer room is basically being replaced with her nursery I thought I leave it for another while until she actually needs it so hubby can enjoy his room a bit more before it is being moved into the spare bed room.

For Matthew’s nursery I had the theme, layout, colours and what way the walls are being colored picked easily. For Chloe I find it a bit more difficult. Don’t get me wrong, pink is a nice colour but too much in the room drives me insane.
Now you are probably saying “Why pink? Girls can have other colors”. Reason I want a bit of pink is because Matthew’s room is blue for boy. I could do her room red but we already have 2 rooms in the house that are red.

Where else would you look to find ideas than Pinterest. After searching for a few hourse I came to the conclusion that I like a grey/pink theme or a brown/pink theme.

Here are some ideas I found:





Matthew’s room is Winnie Pooh themed. I have been thinking about Chloe’s one whether it should be Disney too or something totally different. I haven’t decided on it yet but either Minnie Mouse or birds/owls would be nice.

Like Matthew’s room I want to have a professional photo hanging above her bed and a saying to the other side.



I would definitely want a border going all the way around the room and some wall stickers.

I find to do up a nursery for a girl is way more difficult than for a boy. I am sure some of you might agree with me on that.

What do you think of my nursery ideas for Chloe’s room? How did you setup your little girls nursery if you have one? I’d like you to share some links so I can get a few more ideas.

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  1. Yeah I am going to mix a few ideas and make up my own design. Love doing up room ๐Ÿ™‚

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