What I got for Christmas this year

You must be sick of reading from me everyday these days. I am so active on my blog in the last few weeks, it must be a blogging high or that magical time of the year.

I swear, this will be my last Christmas related post of the year.

I can’t believe that this has actually been the 3rd Christmas for Matthew. But it has also been my first Christmas without my mum which was very weird. I know she was there with us in spirit though.

I have told you all about Matthew’s Christmas presents in yesterday’s blog post that I thought it would be only right to tell you what mummy got, too.

There are 3 main presents I got, all from hubby. All the other stuff were selection boxes, sweets, stationary from my friend and little bits.


I love my new Bosch Tassimo Coffee machine. Hubby and I tried it out the last 2 days with some Kenco coffee. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air. Yesterday I have purchased more pods to make caramel latte, normal latte, tea and Cadbury hot chocolate. It will definitely be used a lot.


The best present ever hubby decided to get me this Christmas is my new laptop/netbook. It is so handy and small, perfect for blogging! He calls it “blogging machine”. I am on it every evening now catching on all the mummy blogs out there and writing my posts on it. Previous to that I used to do it all on my phone.
I will write a review about it in the next coming days in case anyone else is looking for a new laptop.



Another handy tool I received off hubby is my HTC M8 car holder. So handy to have. There were multiple car journey occasions I could have done with one. I need to install it in the next coming days and try it out.

I hope your family and friends have been good to you this Christmas.

2 thoughts on “What I got for Christmas this year

  1. I used Dermot’s laptop all the time but because he’s away more now I need my own one. My old laptop was broken by Matthew.
    I will write a review of this one tomorrow probably so you can ask for one for your birthday. 🙂

  2. Ah Janine I’m so jealous, how lucky are you to have gotten a new laptop! I’ve been wanting a new one for ages. My one still works but I use Jacek’s all the time. Mine is on it’s last legs. Enjoy all your new gadgets 🙂

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