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We are at the end of September now which I think makes it ok to talk about Halloween already. In my opinion you can never start early enough to organise Halloween. The early the better. You are asking why that is? The middle of September is when all the stock is coming into the shops. You will be guaranteed to find what you are looking for other than starting to look in October. The products will be very limited then. I make this same mistake again every year. Of course there are certain shops who do half price just a few days before Halloween and they do some good articles left but generally I find with Halloween costume, you need to be the first in.

Over the last week I had a bit of a browse online to see what the different shops like Asda and Tesco have on offer for kids costumes. I was surprised. This year it seems there are way more choices. I gathered a few of my favourite outfits together for you. Maybe there is something on it you might fancy for one of your children.

I asked Matthew multiple times now what he wants to be this year (He was a vampire last year) and every time I am getting “a ghost”. That’s going to be a cheap Halloween so. White sheet, cut two holes in it and done. Knowing me I will buy him a proper nice costume online though. Matthew wants Chloe to be a witch. She was a Peppa Pig witch last year so I might get a different costume this year. Last year I created our own DIY Halloween photoshoot. You can read about it here.

Dunnes Stores


For the girls I found these dresses kind of cute. Either a Witch or a devil. Simplicity. A dress and that’s it with no mask or anything. I wouldn’t want to go over the top.
For the boys I really liked this pirate and vampire outfit. All costumes are pretty cheap. They come at a cost of 15 EUR. I generally don’t shop in Dunnes Stores but certain items are really handy and cheap to buy there.

Asda (George Clothing)


Pretty basic costumes for the boys but very Halloweeny. A spider and a skeleton outfit. It couldn’t be any more Halloween themed than that. These days fancy dress falls under Halloween costumes as well. I still like the original and traditional way.
For the girls, and more than likely one of the outfits I will purchase for Chloe, I picked this cute cat witch costume and the ghost. A blushed face ghost on the front of the top makes it look adorable, doesn’t it? All these costumes are very affordable and start from £7.



Littlewoods Ireland is a bit more expensive so you will have to grab deeper into your pocket for these outfits.They range from 24 to 36 EUR. For the girls I picked a cow girl, a character from In The Night Garden and Spider Girl.
This year Star Wars was massive being out in the summer. For that reason I picked a Star Wars outfit for the boys. Also on the list is Paw Patrol’s Chase and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Another shop I am hoping that will get Halloween costumes in soon, is Heatons. Their costumes are always picked out very quickly. Last year I was way too late and there was only outfits left for babies.

Do you dress up your kids for Halloween? Where do you normally buy their outfits?


26 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas Kids

  1. Hey, great share……

    These halloween costume ideas are just brilliant. I really wanted to do something creative with my kid’s costumes this time but I was falling short of ideas. Your post is definitely going to helep me out and will certainly makae my job easy. I really liked that spider costume.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing more…
    Jack Russel recently posted…Bond? There’s no excuse for bland!My Profile

  2. Yeah they do have some nice ones. Thanks for being part of it and I hope to see you for next weeks linky. x

  3. Oooh I love those Littlewood costumes, I had never thought of looking there. We love dressing up at Halloween, but thi is the first year we are letting the kids trick or treat. They are really excited. Thank you for setting up the halloween linky. #halloweenlinky

  4. I still have yet to purchase an outfit for my son. Very hard. It’s all super hero

  5. I love Halloween too! I love these, you have done some amazing research! My favourite is definitely the spider! Last year my son was a skeleton (which was adorable but I think it’d be good to choose something different this year) and my daughter was a cat in a tutu (again absolutely adorable but she she hate the leotard as it had a really high neck). I am looking forward to browsing the supermarkets! #halloweenlinky

  6. I bought the ghost one there a few days ago for my youngest. Just need one for my four year old x

  7. You better get in there. 🙂 I had the problem last year where I didn’t look on time and everything was gone. x

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