Happy New Year 2015

This is going to be my last post of the year 2014. What a roller coaster of a year it has been. It had its ups and downs. The New Year will start off with a lovely addition into our family. I am really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately I don’t get to celebrate New Year’s Eve like we would in Germany but I tried to make the  most out of it this evening.

DSC05184The table is is set with some crackers, decorations, pasta salad, Prosecco and Donuts.



Delicious Donuts. This is a German tradition on New Year’s Eve by the way. The closest donuts I could get were the frozen ones from Lidl as I didn’t have time to make my own ones with different chocolate, flavors etc.




This is my drink I am getting drunk on during the evening considering I can’t drink any alcohol. Honestly it is actually quite nice. Probably full of sugar though.


Of course the Prosecco can’t be missing for hubby to welcome the New Year at midnight.


As fireworks are illegal in Ireland and you can’t buy them anywhere (boo!) the closest I could get to my own fireworks is sparklers and lanterns. I might not be able to release the lanterns again this year though because it is very windy.

I hope you are all going to have a nice New Year’s Eve and a great New Year!

Happy New Year to all Mummy Bloggers and all my readers out there!

See you in the New Year 2015.

Janine xx


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