How to deal with eczema

It’s hard to hide it in the summer when the kids are out playing and wearing shorts and t-shirts. Every label at the back of the t-shirt/top has to be cut off or it triggers his skin and becomes inflamed. When he’s sick, stressed or warm it gets worse. Certain fabrics of clothing can’t be worn or it spreads more.

I think every parent who dealt with it before knows by now what I am talking about. It’s the skin condition eczema.

Matthew was diagnosed with eczema only at the age of 3 months. Back then he had it all over his back and front too. When he got older we were able to control it better and reduced it to only appearing on his arms, legs and face.

Up to this point we have been using the range of Aveeno.


In the beginning I used the daily moisturizing lotion on Matthew twice a day. When he was teething it was basically pointless to put the cream on him as it got so bad. Sometimes I had to put hydrocortisone cream on him but only on his neck at the back. This is cream specifically for when the skin flares up. It works a treat and it’s so much better the next day. Nowadays I only cream him in the evening.

It is such a shame because of the skin condition, Matthew is not able to have a proper bubble bath and he absolutely loves bubbles. (If any parent’s kids out there have eczema too and still have bubble bath and it doesn’t effect their skin, please let me know the product, I’d be grateful)

Matthew generally has a bath every 2-3 days. He loves having baths. He built up a nice amount of his favourite toys now and I love seeing recently how he is able to fill the ducks with water and squirt them. For his skin in the bath we use Aveeno Dermexa.


Aveeno Dermexa is suitable from 3 months upwards and every adult of course can use it. You simply massage it into the wet dry skin and wash it off after. For Matthew’s hair I use this too as I don’t know how his scalp reacts to other products.

Meanwhile there are so many other baby shampoo products out there. Generally they are all dermatological approved. You know your baby best. So my advice to you would be to try out some of them and see which one works for you best. Just because Aveeno keeps the eczema at bay for us, doesn’t mean it has to for your baby.

In the mean time let me know what you use for bath, hair and body if your baby/child has eczema. 

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6 thoughts on “How to deal with eczema

  1. Moogoo is amazing, they also have a bubble bath which my son uses. I never found aveeno helped me, one of the ingredients must irritate my skin.

  2. No problem. Mine has eczema but no food allergies which I find very strange. Might have to go back to hydrocortisone.

  3. See the thing is that Matthew was tested for all sorts of allergy including dairy and he’s not allergic to anything. really frustrating

  4. Hiya! The girls were recommending something called ‘Moogoo’ recently which I’m going to try out on Eva & myself! I also picked up another cheapish trick along the way which is Sudocream one night followed by Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream the following night. I’ve had ezcema/psoriasis my whole life! Also, cut dairy down as much as possible (I know, bloody hard with kids! But maybe substitute cows milk with vanilla rice milk or something – it tastes lovely). Hope this helps xxxx

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