Ice Skating and Baby Cuddles

At the weekend I had a visitor coming from Sligo. My dear friend and work colleague Sandra. She is from France. She planned to come over and see the house. The original plan was to stay over but her boyfriend who also used to be a work colleague of mine (We’re all a little family aren’t we?) had the man flu. And you know how men can be when they are sick. In fairness to him he did get a bad dose.So we changed plans. There is always plenty of time in the new year.

Sandra arrived around lunch time. The estate is a bit difficult to find. Because it is so new, it wouldn’t be on any sat nav just yet but she did really well and was super close. Once she arrived, she said a quick hello and I showed her around the house. She was impressed. The kids and hubby already had lunch so us girls decided to go to the local cafe in the shopping centre nearby and have a quick bite to eat. Hubby spotted the cafe around the corner. It’s so hidden you wouldn’t see it at first. After a quick sandwich and Christmas cookie we headed back to the house.

The day before I convinced her that we would go ice skating in Blanchardstown. Something different other than hitting the shopping centre. I haven’t been in years. She was a bit nervous at the start but in the end she agreed and we bought two tickets online for a slot in the afternoon. We didn’t realise that it was 3 euro cheaper than when you buy it in the tent. Mad. Sandra came with small gifts for the kids which was very thoughtful. Matthew got a Christmas countdown calendar, Chloe a Christmas cracker box and us adults a Christmas mat for the front door. It was perfect because we didn’t take the old one from the other house. I had to put it down at the front door immediately.

Our ice skating slot was booked for 3.10pm. It was some job trying to find it. Even the Google Maps couldn’t bring us there. I’ve been to Blanchardstown many times but I would still get lost. Eventually we found it and could find parking pretty quickly across the street from the ice skating tent. The only thing… we were 20 mins too late (oops) and you were supposed to arrive 20 mins EARLIER. Ah well. We had the option to skate for 20 mins or wait for the next slot which wasn’t until 4.20pm. We decided to go with 20mins which was still plenty for us.


I have to say we had a ¬†brilliant time. It was hilarious. I haven’t been on skates in 7 years I’d say. Trying to walk on them, getting to the ice rink was one thing. Trying to walk getting ON TO the ice rink was another. We loved so much. Holding onto the side wall all the way. After a few rounds I found my balance though. Sandra was happier along the side. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Check out for the prices and available times. It’s a big rink. Beside it they have another one for children to learn. Your child will have to be at least three years of age.

In the evening time I got the tree down from the attic. Matthew was super excited. Chloe was exhausted because she didn’t nap. Hubby brought her upstairs to bed while Matthew was allowed to stay up a bit later to help me decorate the tree. He was so chatty the whole way through. You could hear the excitement in his voice.


Sunday we had another visitor coming after lunch. Hubby’s work buddy and his wife with their little 6 months old girl. He is also my work colleague now as I mentioned before we moved location which brings a new office with it. Chloe was upstairs having her lunch time nap. Lately it’s not that easy to get her down at the weekend for a nap. Mainly because we let her sleep until 8.30am and then she is probably thinking to herself “Are you serious mummy putting me down for a nap, I just woke up?”. She went down fine on Sunday anyway. Matthew was watching a bit of TV and chilling out while the adults were having some light lunch and tea. And adoring the baby. I know Chloe is only 22 months old but it was so strange holding a 6 months old baby again. She is adorable. She was full of smiles. At the end of their visit, Matthew gained confidence and rubbed her feet. He is still on about it now “I rubbed the baby’s feet”.

They gifted us with a box of Celebrations which I am currently tucking into. It’s the festive season, so it’s okay right? What’s your favourite one? Mine is still definitely Snickers and always will be. Followed by Milky Way but the kids love those which means none for me. Kids come first.

How did your weekend go? Did you do anything exciting?

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