Imaginarium Garage – Review

I haven’t reviewed an item on my blog in forever. There goes my blog goal for this year of reviewing an item once a week. I will get better though I promise.

A week ago daddy had to do some work in Dublin. When he came home on Thursday evening, he brought with him a new toy for Matthew. It is one of Imaginarium’s toys. Matthew just loves cars for a good while now including the movies “Cars”.

This one is a garage with 3 doors and 3 cars. It is simply brilliant for development because it comes with 3 keys and you have to open/lock each door. That way he is learning the different shapes of the keys and the colours to put them into the right to open or close them.





It comes with 4 ramps that you can attach to the front of the garage like a little jigsaw. Each door has a leaver at the back. If you push a car to the back of one garage and you push the leaver it is coming out.





The coolest of those 3 cars has to be the fire engine. If you pull it back, the horn starts and it goes forward. But not just like any car you pull back this one goes on forever and slower. Just so you can get an idea, I took a video of it.


I hope this one lasts a bit longer because Matthew tends to lose bits.

Make sure you check out Imaginarium’s website for more cool toys.

Have you bought any new toys for your toddlers recently?

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  1. Aw my boy would love this. Totally into anything with wheels at the moment! Thanks for linking up to #KidTested

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