Introducing the new Colouring Books by Orchard Toys


I’ve got something really exciting to share with you on the blog today. As an Orchard Toys tester I am working really close with the company and I am testing out their new lines as much as I can every few weeks.

Recently they have launched a series of new colouring books, suitable for children aged 3 years +. Take a look at them on their website here.

What I like most about these is that they are not just colouring books on its own but they have 2 pages of stickers in the middle of it. Matthew loves stickers. He is not too keen on the colouring in bit but mammy was able to help him with that a bit. I’d say it’s probably because he is a boy and is more into wild things, as boys do.



We started off with the animal sticker colouring book. Every sticker is associated with an animal on the page. For example you have to stick the ball onto the cat page or the honey onto the teddy bear page. Matthew really enjoyed this and before we stuck them, I asked him what animals gets the item and he did really well. I was really impressed with him.


Once we were finished sticking all the stickers on each page, I got both kids involved colouring in the pages. I didn’t even know Chloe knew what to do but as you can see in the photo below, she was really good at attempting to colour in the cat. Whereas Matthew scribbled all over the cat but he is only in the learning stage. As a colouring in fanatic I like the perfection of a coloured in picture.


Next thing on our list, once we have finished colouring in all these, are the numbers and ABC books. Matthew is really good with his numbers but to actually see them in front of him knowing which one is which we still need to practice.

The books can be purchased from the Orchard Toys website at a retail price of £3.99.

Disclaimer: I was sent this products for the purpose of the review. As always the opinion and photos are my very own.


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  1. I love orchard toys ( use to work in a nursery) and can’t wait for when Blake is a little older to get some of their games like shopping list. I love the idea of the colouring books and having stickers included is even better.

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