Irish Parenting Blog Awards 2015

I was quite disappointed that I am not able to go to the Britmum awards because it is in the UK. Then after browsing a bit I discovered on “Irish Parenting Bloggers Website”  that they are going to have their first ever Blog Awards this year.



The Blog Awards 2015 will take place on April 25th in the Odessa restaurant in Dublin’s city centre.

After talking to hubby I decided to buy a ticket and go to it, make a weekend out of it. It will be great to meet other bloggers who I have been following the last few months like “Dolly Dowsie” and “El and Baby A” and maybe even a few new ones.

If you are an Irish Parenting blogger, feel free to sign up on Irish Parenting Bloggers website. It’s free. But you have to do this by March 1st and you will be automatically entered into the appropriate category you are blogging about. One thing, you do need to make sure that your blog contains 20% parenting.

Categories which are open for nomination come March 1st are:

  • Best Parenting Blog
  • Best Post of the Year
  • Best Newcomer Blog
  • Best Homespun Blog
  • Best Personal Blog
  • Most Entertaining Blog
  • Best Writer
  • Most Inspirational Blog
  • Most Beautiful Blog
  • Best Special Interest


I don’t believe in winning any of these awards but I am just going for the social side of things.

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