Its the long awaited weekend

And there it is again. The day we all have been waiting for. Friday!!



This will probably be one of the first quiet weekends in a long time. No plans whatsoever. Chilling out going, going for walks, maybe bringing Matthew for a treat.

Not long before I am heading over to Germany for a few days. Counting down the days. Only 6 days left at this stage.

Today has been a productive day actually. I finally managed to go to mothercare and buy Matthew a few new tops. I noticed he has lots of t-shirts but not enough tops that fit him. They actually had a great deal on where you got 2 for €10. So I got 4.

Sligo is going to be extremely busy this weekend. There’s the summer festival on in town first of all but also the town is preparing for this Fleadh festival which is basically a music festival that goes on for a whole week. You don’t want to be parking in town or entering town even. It’s going to be so packed. I might have a nose around though.

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