How To Keep Your Kids Cool This Summer

Summer has truly arrived in Ireland. Even if it didn’t even last more than a week. We had a whole day of rain today, yet it was still warm outside which is nice, too.

While us adults are enjoying the higher temperatures, it can be hard for our children to enjoy it the same way.  My eldest has no issue with it and plays away happily with other kids in his group. While my youngest Chloe is really not taking it too well. She is sweating very quickly. Last Summer we went to Spain for ten days. She spent most of the time just in a nappy on the sun lounger in the shade while his brother was splashing away in the pool. She wasn’t a fan at all. I am hoping it will improve once she gets older.

If you have a toddler like Chloe who can’t take the heat too well, there are a few things you can do to help them enjoy this glorious weather.

Keep them hydrated

Drinking water or any other sort of drink is vital to feel fresh and have lots of energy. It will also stop the skin from drying out.

Hair up

It’s always easier to tolerate the heat when you have your hair up in a bun or pony tail. So try do the same for yours kids. Nobody liked heavy hair on their shoulders on hot days like this.

Appropriate clothing 

Quite an obvious one. You’re not going to dress your child in a jumper when it’s 20 plus degrees outside. Even look at the weather forecast and have the clothes out ready for the morning. Simple t-shirt and shorts or light trousers.


Some children don’t like eating much when it’s too warm. Instead try refreshing food. It’s very rare to get hot days in Ireland. So I treat my kids to ice cream or ice lollies. Also my oldest loves eating honey melon.


Nothing feels better when it’s warm outside and you’re giving your kids a bath after a long day playing in the sun. They will thank you. Squeaky clean and ready for the next day. They will also sleep better.

Water spray 

I haven’t seen these in Ireland yet but in Germany a lot of people buying these deodorant look like bottles which basically have water in it. I’m sure you can make your own one. It’s nice when you’re on the go and just spray it on them to keep them cool.

Don’t go over the top

I know the sun is shining and all and we’re trying to enjoy it as much as possible.  But remember… heat and sun drain the energy out of you. Offer some indoor activities for a while before heading out in the garden again.

What do you do you do to keep your kids cool?

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  1. I used to tie up my hair all the time but since the age of 19 I stopped and it has been down since. x

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