Keeping Fit This Summer

Now that it is slowly getting warmer everyday and I have to be fit and in shape for our wedding next year I thought I’m going to share some sports that are not going to kill you and could be a daily thing. of course you can lose some weight too.

While I was driving out to Strandhill ( it’s only a 10mins drive from town) I’ve seen so many cyclists on the road. We have dedicated lanes for bikes for a good while now going all the way into town. It is 14km to Strandhill and back. Cycling is a great workout I find.

Also hubbies bike has  been sitting out in the shed for years,only used a handful so I think it’s ready for the summer and try to get out cycling. I used to cycle to school for many years so it would be great to get back into it.


Another sport I took on when I had Matthew was table tennis. I used to love playing table tennis when I was younger. And luckily there is a local table tennis club where you can enter competitions too from all the nearby town. It is running from September to April and there is a break during the summer. After a while I was losing interest in it though because there was so many kids playing it and not many adults.


I’d say the biggest sport in our family is tennis. Hubby is great at it. He is entering tournaments all over the country and won a few too which he is very proud of. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to play for a while now because of his arm. He is getting surgery on it soon though which means he is back in the game and I expect some more trophies in the cabinet. Hubby bought me a new racket last year which means I do have to get out there at some point and start playing again. It’s hard when you don’t know anyone in the club you can play with though.

Close up view of tennis racket and balls on the clay tennis court

The last sport I would definitely consider but requires a gym membership is swimming. I am not a big fan of gym at all. Too much effort. lol In the past hubby got me a membership for 3 months and I have used it only about 3 times so had gone to waste unfortunately. But swimming is definitely one of the biggest things I love.


Are you a fan of sports? What’s  your favourite one or are you even doing one at the moment?

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