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There have been talks about this the last few weeks but today the day finally came.

Matthew is going to move into the next room in creche/nursery which will be play school upstairs. I can’t believe that my little boy has moved from baby room, to wobbler room, to toddler room and now to play school room. The time is absolutely flying for sure.

Normally they don’t go until they turn 3 and Matthew only turns 3 the end of August but because Matthew has his little gang of friends who also move at the time they thought it would be easier to move them together and don’t leave him behind. Apart from one of his younger friends there’s no one else really left in that group. A lot of girls!

This will be a complete new adventure. He was upstairs for a trial already and he loved it. I will miss the minders downstairs, that’s for sure but thankfully I know the main girl in the play school room. She’s the girlfriend of my work colleague so it’s nice to see familiar faces.

Monday it all starts, I have to walk up the stairs now. I suppose that’s one way to get your figure back.

Chloe is also not far of starting creche/nursery. She’ll be joining the baby room the beginning of August. I’m going to have to give her a trial run 2 weeks beforehand. Hopefully she will get on well.

Here are just some of Matthew’s memories he made in the toddler room.



IMAG2767_1 IMAG2766_1 IMAG2765_1 IMAG2764_1I have received all his other artwork too which I have safely put away in his art box.

Is your little one going to creche/nursery? Did she/he move into a new room recently?

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