Our Laundry Routine with Ecover

I have to be honest here. Doing the laundry is an absolute nightmare. By the time I caught up with the whole laundry basket, it’s full again. It’s never ending. I might get lucky and have it empty for one or two days but in no time it is up to the top again. Obviously it’s worse with kids, but even when there was only two of us I washed a lot, too.

I don’t have a real routine when it comes to washing. I do it whenever it is necessary. Now that Matthew has started school, I have to pay even more attention. He can always rotate between two uniforms but I only bought one tracksuit. These were bought in a local shop which  made them more expensive. I do have the next size up as well but he is yet too small for it. P.E. days are Monday and Wednesday. Sometimes I get lucky and we make it until Wednesday.  This week though his tracksuit bottoms were dirty on Monday which meant I had to run a short cycle. We do have a dryer but for his tracksuit I tend to  not put them in because it is a  material that is guaranteed to shrink.

As both kids have eczema and dry skin, they are using different washing powder. Up until a few months ago I’ve used Persil Non-Bio. Until I was advised to try Fairy Non-Bio. I find this powder is definitely better on the skin. I wash the kids and adults clothes seperate. It’s my kind of organisation. Depending on what sort of clothing I wash, I may also add some detergent. We were challenged to try out Ecover’s new non-bio detergent.

What I first noticed when I opened the bottle, was the fresh smell of lavender. It is a very pleasant smell. I’ve used a cap in a few washes. In the adults as well as in the kids cycle. Once it’s all washed, it generally all goes into the dryer afterwards. In our previous house we didn’t have a tumble dryer, so this is a dream. I do try to hang up some of it though. For example, I wouldn’t put fresh bedding in the dryer.

Ecover is rated at 89% of Mumsnet raters who would recommend this product to a friend. I would, too. I’ve used many different other detergents over the past few months but this one seems to be the easiest on the kids skin so far. It keeps the clothes very soft.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover

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