Learning how to Swim & Playing Football

It has been almost four weeks since Matthew started his first day at school. Time is flying by lately. So much so that I have posted very little in September. I have also taken very little photos of the kids. I am trying to get back into it and have a family day out at weekends again. Now it is going to be a bit more difficult though as Matthew has started going to activities.

Around four months ago I decided to enroll Matthew in swimming lessons. He turned five years of age at the end of August and I thought it was time for him to learn how to swim. He had so much fun in the pool when we went on holidays to Spain last year. Matthew doesn’t mind the water at all. He feels safe with the swim arm bands on.  I did feel like I should have enrolled him in swimming lesson sooner rather than later though. The boys and girls in his room are generally a year younger than him. I held back because he was never a fan of wearing shorts, he never wanted to go anywhere without having his socks on (even for bed ) and he preferred wearing a long sleeve top. That’s not really practical for swimming, is it? But he did grow up a lot in the last few months and we are very proud of him.

He is currently doing level one. There are eight levels. It is a long way to go but once we are half way there, it should be a walk in the park. They currently learn the breathing and floating. He would be easily at level three, that is if he would listen to the teacher. I haven’t brought him to his lessons the last two weeks but hubby reports he is getting better. If he cracks the listening part, then I think we can move onto level two in no time.

As we are both working during the week, we have to fit all activities into the weekend. Mornings are the best to do this in my opinion. His swimming lesson is currently on a Saturday morning. We generally have a relaxed breakfast together and one of us takes him to his lessons. Sometimes he doesn’t want to go because he has no motivation but once he is there, he jumps straight into the pool.

Hubby has been trying to get him into tennis. Like daddy like son. It doesn’t work out too well though. Matthew has a tennis racket and he does go out every now and again to hit a ball in the garden but he hasn’t taken quite off yet. He gets easily frustrated if he misses a ball. For that reason hubby thought it  would be great to enroll him in playing football. He is really good at kicking the ball at the moment. I’d say he must be playing it a lot in creche. To me it looks like he prefers it to tennis. It’s a lot easier, too.

We came across a page on Facebook the other day called Little Kickers. There are sessions for different ages. As Matthew has only recently turned five years, he could join in the one that is up to their fifth birthday.  They even receive their own kit. He has only done two sessions so far but he didn’t want to wear the kit just yet. The coming weekend I am around so hopefully he will let me know put it on him. He does look super cute in it I have to say when he tried it on the other week. The football session is on each Sunday morning.

Is he going to be the next Schweinsteiger? What activities do your kids do?

6 thoughts on “Learning how to Swim & Playing Football

  1. I think he will only last maybe half a year in it though. He is too old for the group. There is only one more other older boy than him. The problem then is the other way to get him to football training is enrolling him in an actual team and he is just way too young for that.

  2. Yeah I think Matthew is still a bit young to have the patience for tennis but maybe next year. x

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