The Liebster Award Nomination

How exciting is this! Yesterday morning I turned on the WiFi on my phone having to find out that I have been nominated for the “Liebster Award”. I have been waiting for this day so long because I have seen so many people getting nominated before and some have been nominated numerous times that I got a bit jealous.

But the time has come and I have been nominated by the lovely Wendy @ “Life doesn’t end at Mum“. ( Thanks so much at this stage)


For anyone that doesn’t know the rules for this award, see below:

  1. Post the award on your blog
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog
  3. Write 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and have less than 200 followers
  5. And finally answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees a set of new 11 questions


11 random facts about me

1. I am German.
2. I have no brothers or sisters.
3. I have to check my phone for updates on FB, Twitter every morning and evening before I go  to  sleep.
4. Being German I am a very organised person.
5. On my toast the butter and jam has to be spread evenly.
6. I am always in bed by 10.30pm
7. I need a coffee every morning to function.
8. My favourite season of the year is Winter.
9. I could live in leggings 365 days a year.
10. I am not a fan of wearing hats.
11. I collect cat figures. (wood, ceramic, you name it)

And these are the answers to the questions “Life doesn’t end at Mum” gave me:

1. What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, without a question. Especially now that I am in my third trimester of pregnancy I want a lot of chocolate. That will have to change once the baby is here though.

2. How long have you been blogging?
I started off blogging in 2010. This was just something I wanted to keep for my own records. It wasn’t a parenting/mummy blog at all. I only documented my day to day life. Until the day I found Fatmumslims Blog. I blogged up until the time I went to New York. Then I took a break when I gave birth to Matthew. I am fully into blogging again since 9th March 2014. Wouldn’t change it for the world because this is my proper hobby now.

3.What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Sharing photos, stories, advice and getting advice of other bloggers.

Also it is great to meet other mummy bloggers and share the same things with them. I love reading so many other blogs and it keeps me occupied when I am not after chasing Matthew around the house.

4. How did you choose your blog name?
I have never changed my blog name when I was doing my day to day life blogging in 2010  because even now as a parenting/ mummy bloggers it still “My little World”.

5. What makes you smile?

Waking up to my son standing beside my bed trying to wake me and saying “hello” in my face.

6. How do you take your coffee?
2 spoons of instant coffee (Nescafe) with a bit of milk and no sugar.

7. Where in the world do you live?
Republic of Ireland. A small town called Sligo in the North Western part of Ireland beside the Atlantic Ocean.

8. If you had 1 day to yourself, what would you do?
What I normally do, when I get a day to myself, either, reply to all my letters, go into town and do some shopping or clean the house. Sad I know, but it relaxes me.

9. What is your dream holiday?
I have seen a lot of places in Europe but I would really like to see Dubai, Thailand or China.

10. What is your favourite food?
There’s so much to choose from but a meal I would want to eat everyday would be Spagetti Napoli. Simple but delicious.

11. Are you a texter or caller?
Texter, even though I work on the helpdesk which makes no sense really.

These are the 11 bloggers I nominate:

1. Run, Jump, Scrap
2. Mums the new name
3. Play at home Teacher
4. Very much so
5. Sweaty Mummy
6. From Mummy to Mum
7. Mummy’s Crochet World
8. Simply Homemade
9. Lola Mama
10. Lamb & Bear
11. The Secret Window

And here are the 11 questions to my blogger friends:

1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
2. Why did you start blogging?
3. Where in the world do you live?
4. What is your favourite TV programme?
5. Tea or Coffee?
6. 3 things you would take to a lonely island.
7. What is your biggest achievement in life so far?
8. You won the lottery, what would you spend it on?
9. What is your dream destination?
10. What did you last eat?
11. What was your favourite toy as a kid?

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