Life Before Motherhood

Motherhood, our kids and parenting advice is a subject everyday. I think it was time to write a post what life was like before becoming a mum of two.

You are probably all aware by now that I was born in Germany and have been living my life there with my grandparents and mum up until the age of 19. Up until that point I was a normal child who finished school and was about to enter job life.
When I was in  business school, I wanted to start doing something exciting in life. I was always a big fan of living in another country for a year or so to see what way people live and see the different cultures.
As I have always loved children, this was the perfect opportunity to apply as an Au Pair.


Now you are probably thinking “Why Ireland and not America or the UK?”.
One of the main reasons was, it is the closest to my home country and I can still visit my family with not a huge amount of distance travelling. It was also the fact I knew a few people who started doing the same job nearby, so I had friends to hang out with. But another reason that I can’t just deny, and some of my friends will agree with me on that, was a boyband called Westlife. Yes, I have been one of those girls, too who was madly in love with that one by boyband member and chased them.
I don’t regret anything though, as hubby always says to me, we would have never met if it wasn’t for the boyband because they are from Ireland.

Continuing on anyways… when you have no children, you are wondering what life would be like when you have them. Now I am wondering what would life be like before I had my children? Even though it has only been 31 months since I had my first child I can barely remember what I did before motherhood. I might not be alone there.

I must have been bored out of my mind. Work life is the same no matter if you are a parent or not but the weekends or evenings are so different now, like day and night.
Before I had my children I spent my evenings
• watching movies
• going out for drinks
• going shopping
• going on holidays to see my mum etc.
My life wasn’t that exciting really but it definitely made it more flexible.

Now that I am a mum of two my evenings and weekends consist of
• getting puked on
• changing nappies 24/7
• tantrums
• watching the kids movies/series, instead of my own movie I had picked for months but never get to watch
• having drinks at home when kids are in bed because by the time 9pm comes you are just too tired to hit the pub anyways
• going on holidays… in Ireland!! Because packing so much stuff to go abroad with 2 young kids is just too much hassle

The list can go on and on. But we all know for sure, what would we be without our children, their laughter and their little characters. I love being a mum and wouldn’t change it for the world. It gives me a challenge to raise my own little people.

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4 thoughts on “Life Before Motherhood

  1. No idea. My brain is fried I can’t think of everything. But it must have been boring.

  2. They are pretty awesome aren’t they?! (good job or I would have sent him back today!!) It’s funny thinking back to life before baby isn’t it. I’m always like seriously, what did we do? hehee!

    Thanks for linking up #TheList xx
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  3. Yeah going to the movies is pretty much out for me now unless I’m going with my friend I work with.

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