Little Miss Chloe’s Room **Part 1**

Now that Chloe is nearly 4 months old and slowly but surely growing out of her moses basket I had no choice but starting on her room. I left it for so long because I wanted hubby to have his computer room as long as he can. I know, very nice of me isn’t it?

On Monday 2 friends of mine and I started moving all the stuff out of the computer room into one of the bedrooms. Hubby’s computer table is now located in the spare bed room and I have to say it fits well for now.

On Tuesday then I started off the painting. It took me quite a while to decide what sort of colours I wanted, what way I wanted it painted and what theme. In the end I went with the simple way and just did the same way as Matthew’s room. I had to mind Chloe after all so I had little time but she has been a good girl and always went for a nap when I started on the room.

2015-05-20 10.41.02

So this is the way it was before I started, a complete yellow room.

2015-05-20 14.14.03

I applied 3 coatings on all 2 colours. Reason being it looks neat and you don’t see any patches. I made that mistake many times before.

2015-05-21 15.01.05

I went for Dulux paint. I used this paint in Matthew’s room too. It is washable and you are able to wipe away any dirt off the wall which I find brilliant. It has a mid-sheen finish and is available in Homebase from the Myspace Range where I bought it from myself.
For Chloe’s room I picked “Perfect Pink” and “Lullaby Cream”

2015-05-21 15.01.07

I finished the whole thing off with a lovely looking border in the middle of the wall. As you can see it is a Minnie Mouse theme. I was thinking about long enough but came to the conclusion that Minnie Mouse can be not just for babies, she will enjoy it longer which means I don’t have to change it after 3 years.

The Minnie Mouse border I picked up on Ebay. It is self-adhesive and 5 metres long.

So right now all that’s left to do in the room is order some furniture, put the cot bed in her room (which also means Matthew will move into a big bed! The panic!!) and finish off the wall with a nice quote, a photo of her and a Minnie Mouse canvas. As the room is quite small I decided to have just a wardrobe with 3 drawers or so and won’t have a changing unit because I change her on the bed or couch all the time anyway.

Stay tuned for the next part of Chloe’s room coming up very soon.

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