Living Arrows 14/52 Easter Tree

Spring is really showing itself from the pretty side the last two weeks. At the weekend we had lovely weather again. The kids spent most of it outside. Chloe is asking to go outside pretty much everyday now. She loves it. She seems to be the happiest when outside I find. Whereas Matthew can get a bit lazy and he doesn’t mind being indoors.

The plan on Saturday was to go to the Children’s Museum in Sandyford but it turns out you actually need to book tickets in advanced. I didn’t know that. We are going to do that another time so and be more prepared. The weather so too nice to spend it indoors anyway, that’s my excuse.

Sunday morning was so nice that we decided to go for a walk around the estate. The estate we live in is massive so it can take a while to get around with two smallies on their ride ons. My mission on the walk was to pick up a few branches and create an Easter tree for the kids. By pure change we found a massive branch along the side which we could push into the ground in the garden. Easter is one of my favourite things of the year, mainly because decorating is involved.

The kids loved getting involved decorating our Easter Tree. It is a German tradition that we have done pretty much every year. Even when we didn’t have kids, I decorated a tree with plastic Easter eggs on it.

We haven’t really engaged with anybody in the estate yet because most children live in the front part of the new estate. We spent some time there yesterday morning and met Chloe’s creche buddy. They are like twins together and the best of friends in creche. Not so much outside of creche. This was the first time they saw eachother outside of creche. It was probably weird for them but I’d say they will soon realise that they can  have play dates outside of creche.

The afternoon the kids spent time with daddy as mummy went off to County Wicklow for some afternoon tea with hubby’s sister.

What did you get up to in this nice weather?

Living Arrows

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  1. That’s such a lovely tradition – so pretty! It’s so funny when they see nursery buddies outside of nursery – we saw one of my son’s friends at the supermarket recently and he was so funny – just shouting his name repeatedly and so excited! #livingarrows

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