Living Arrows – 1/52 Fresh Air

For this year I decided to add one more linky to my list. Every month I am linking up to “Me and Mine” and “The Siblings Project”. Occasionally I link up to “The List” which is hosted by Aby from YouBabyMeMummy. I didn’t want to be too  overloaded last year and just find my blogging routine really. Now that I found it, I eyed up another linky called “Living Arrows”. It is hosted by the lovely Donna who blogs at What the Redhead Said. I have been following her for well over two years now. I looked at another linky which is called #Project365. You capture a moment each day. I think that was taking it a bit too far for me so for that reason “Living Arrows” was calling my name which is only one photo of each child from each week.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” by Kahlil Gibran

Last weekend we had visitors over from Galway. Hubby’s friend who is a tennis coach was staying over for a few days with his son and wife. In the new year we decided to get out and breathe in some fresh air. We haven’t been in our garden much yet but it’s more enjoyable than it was in the old house because it’s so much bigger. Matthew loves jumping and running around it so he played a bit of football and hopped around on his paw patrol ball.

While her sister Chloe was watching him from the side driving around on her Minnie Mouse ride on that she loves and enjoys. It was actually a cold one out there but that didn’t stop us. Chloe wanted to go down the slide but that wasn’t an option unfortunately because it was still half frozen. Instead I  helped her scoot around on Matthew’s scooter and hubby pushed her around in the Smart Trike at the front of the house because we live in a cul de sac.

I have to say I am really looking forward to take part each week. I am planning to use my proper camera more as well and stop being lazy and not charge it. You can definitely a huge difference between phone camera and Sony Cybershot camera photos.

Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows – 1/52 Fresh Air

  1. It can be difficult sometimes to have the proper camera with you sometimes. Hubby is looking at me weird and saying “blog material” ha x

  2. Thanks Donna, it means I am getting the camera out more often now. Phone camera not good enough anymore. x

  3. I am so pleased to see you linking up this year and I love the outdoorsy photos. So cute! I can’t wait to see how they grow as the year unfolds x

  4. Thanks Kerry. Yeah she starts losing the baby weight *cries in the corner* lol xx

  5. Lovely photos Janine! Chloe has really grown up a lot recently and looks so much like her older brother. I’ve decided to join in with this linky too. Good luck! x

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