Living Arrows 17/52 Castle

With such a busy Easter weekend behind us, we took this weekend very easy. I didn’t make any crazy plans. In fact, we planned nothing which was good for some, too. Let the kids go wild in the garden and house. That was pretty much our weekend summed up.

On Friday hubby went off to a stag party in Galway. This meant the kids and I were on our own for most of the Saturday. The day before I received an order from Homestore and More that included a new duvet set to match our nautical master bedroom theme and a flexible storage container for the bathroom. So far we had little suction storage bags but they keep falling off. It’s probably too heavy as well. Instead we are throwing it all in the bucket now. It makes things a lot easier and is quicker to tidy up, too.

As the storage basket was so big, the box it was delivered in was massive as well. It looked too good to be thrown out and not turn it into something cool for the kids. I decided to make a castle out of it. Matthew helped me colouring in the stone around window and door. They were both loving it taking turns playing it.

Sunday morning the sun was shining. We spent most of it in the garden while daddy was off to some tennis training. The kids were having fun playing with their ride ons, trains etc while I was painting the rest of the chairs and table. It still needs a second coating. It started raining later on so I couldn’t finish the job.

After dinner Matthew and daddy headed off to check out the timetable in the tennis club. He came back with a treat for the kids… ice cream. Matthew picked a Twister one. That seems to be his favourite at the moment as he got it before. Chloe got a Minion banana flavoured one. I still had my tub of Ben &  Jerry’s which I secretly demolished when the kids were in bed.

Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Living Arrows 17/52 Castle

  1. That castle is amazing and it’s just so nice to get out in the garden isn’t it? It’s raining here at the moment and we are gagging to get back outside! x

  2. They sure do. We have a teepee sitting in the living room and they haven’t touched it in so long. Waste of space and I thought they would get hours of fun in it.

  3. My son used to loved those selfmade box castles too! We had to do that EVERY SINGLE TIME once a new big box arrived. Kids usually have so much more fun with those simple everyday items rather than expensive toys.

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