Living Arrows 20/52 – The Local Woods

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran

We have another busy weekend behind us. The kids were buzzing and had so much fun. Daddy got some “me time” on Saturday playing tennis while me and the kids were off to a cousin’s tea party in County Wicklow.

Just after lunch we were heading down to Bray to attend one of the kids birthday parties. There was cake, there was food, there was sweets. Matthew had a ball. He was purely excited to go down to his cousin’s house. When they both collide I have a complete different child on my hands. He enjoy playing him so much. It’s hard to stop him. Well… maybe the ice cream and sweets were at fault a bit, too. We spent the whole afternoon there and on the way back Chloe fell asleep.

Sunday we didn’t plan anything at first. You never know what the weather is like. Luckily there were only a few clouds in the sky and it was mainly sunny. The temperatures have been okay lately, too. Last minute we decided to explore the local forest park in Donadea which is only 20 minutes drive from our house. Such a lovely park. The kids can run free. In the middle of it all they have a little cafe with toilets, some snacks and seating outside. The whole place is Mad Hatter’s Tea Party themed. It’s absolutely lovely. I can see it being extremely busy during the summer month lying on the grass.

There are many different routes you can walk. We didn’t take any specific one and just walked along to see where it will lead us. We walked passed a beautiful lake.

This is where I had a little photo session with the kids. It’s funny because at the start Chloe said to me “Buggy”, “No walk”. She can be a lazy little thing sometimes. Half way through she saw how much fun Matthew had and wanted to get out. She walked along holding my hand. This is lovely because Matthew hated holding my hand when he was Chloe’s age.

Matthew went off exploring with daddy at one stage while me and Chloe checked out the Mad Hatter’s Cafe. They came with some acorns they found in the grass under an acorn tree.

I don’t think I will have anything exciting for you for the next Living Arrows post because I will be attending Blog On. Woop Woop. Unless my hubby is good at keeping up with the photos at the weekend. I am sure he won’t let me down.

Living Arrows

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  1. Do you think so? I would have thought you are way busier than me heading to Alton Towers etc lol x

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