Living Arrows 22/57 – Communion & Cake

Our weekend was a weekend of mixed events and adventures. After such a beautiful week of proper Summer, it was back to the rain on Saturday morning. Luckily it picked up again on Sunday. Not as much but it was nice enough to spend most of the day outside in the garden.

On Saturday afternoon we headed off to County Wicklow once again to attend one of the children’s cousins communion party. Two of them actually did their communion. It fitted perfect into our schedule. The kids were so busy playing all morning that both of them fell asleep on the way there… even Matthew. It is a good 40 minutes drive which meant they got plenty of rest and not just a power nap.

Once we got there, Matthew was in his element again. He was looking forward all day to go to his cousin’s house and play. They are both a mad bunch when they get together. It’s brilliant because he is occupied and I have one less child clinging onto me. Chloe is used to the surroundings at this stage but because she woke up only before we got to their house, she was clingy most of the time. As per usual she warmed up nearly at the end.

They rented a bouncy castle but because it was raining all day, it was really wet inside. Most kids didn’t mind, but Matthew wasn’t too keen on it and stayed off it. He played in the playroom instead and discovered a mini Bumblebee car which he was delighted about. Chloe had a bit of cheese and roll while sitting on me and I was having my chicken curry.

Later in the afternoon everyone had a bit of cheesecake and the communion cakes. They were both chocolate biscuit cake. Chloe couldn’t say no to that of course.

On Sunday morning we decided to all go to the cinema. Chloe has never been before so it was interesting to see how she would react. We arrived at the time where the room was already a bit darkened. She wasn’t too pleased about that but after a short while she was okay sitting on me, tucking into her sweeties and chocolate. We watched Peppa Pig.  We made it nearly to the end when Chloe lost her dodie and Matthew needed to go to the toilet. But these things happen and we’d definitely take them again some time.

The afternoon hubby was off playing a tennis match while me and the kids were playing outside in the garden blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk on the path. Later that evening, I decided to have a mini BBQ. I picked up an instant BBQ for only €2.29 from Lidl the other day and cooked some sausages on it. We also enjoyed some chips and chicken fajitas. You could even say we were having a feast.

The weekend coming up is going to be a Bank Holiday, it means an extra day off. The Monday I am actually off walking a 10k mini marathon with a few friends. Wish me luck!

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