Living Arrows 23/52 – June Bank Holiday Weekend

I am a day late linking up to this project. I have an excuse though. Yesterday was a bank holiday in Ireland and rather than relaxing at home, a few friends and I went off to attend the VHI Women Mini Marathon in Dublin city centre. I’m fine, I can still walk today but my legs are definitely sore.

We had a quite laid back bank holiday weekend. It’s nice to have just nothing planned for once.  It was dedicated pretty much all to house chores.

On Saturday hubby rented a lawnmower to cut the grass short and trim it. It grows so quickly. While he was doing that, the kids and I played in and outside. Matthew has recently picked up to scooting around and riding his bike properly. To some that might sound a bit late at nearly the age of five but he was never really that interested until now. He’s seen all the other kids doing it in creche and so he wanted to be like them. Chloe also took to scooting and I think I may have to invest in her first ever scooter.

On Friday we finally sold the chest of drawers in Matthews took which meant I could build Matthews new bed on Saturday afternoon.  He now has a single bed and he absolutely loves it. I can finally go into decorating mode. Chloe will take over his junior bed in the next coming weeks.

That evening I treated myself to some cinema time. I love Pirates of the Caribbean so couldn’t resist to see the new one. I would recommend it to everyone.

Sunday was more house chores. Hubby had more trimming to do because it was raining in between the time he was working in the garden. The kids and me went out the front. We live in a cul de sac and the opposite of it is still a building side.

They were driving up and down the road until the sky changed to black and it started to rain.

The afternoon I drove up to IKEA to make a few photo frame purchases and some other stuff might have sneaked into the trolley. It’s never just frames in IKEA is It?

Monday I was off for a 10k walk while daddy took the kids to Athlone to meet one of his friends. The kids had a ball apparently. Don’t we all wish every Monday was a bank holiday?

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