Living Arrows 25/52 – Holiday Weather

How was your weekend? I still can’t get over the fact what a lovely Summer we have in Ireland right now. Reaching temperatures up to 27 degrees at the weekend. It was a dream, especially for Matthew.

Our weekend was so full with full of activities, I didn’t even have it all planned. It just happened. Last weekend I signed up Matthew for some swimming lessons. As far as I can see, he is going to learn how to swim in school at some stage, too. But this will give him more confidence when I am not there. The lessons are for ten weeks. It was a great start of the weekend. It was so hot at 10am already. Perfect to jump into the pool. The lessons are only thirty minutes but that’s enough for three to five year olds. It must be hard getting them to listen. The teacher was struggling but he had a ball and he will probably be better next time.

I probably mentioned on my Instagram that Matthew has learnt how to ride a bike without stabilizers in creche recently. There is this one bike in creche and everyone seemed to have learnt. Up to this point he had a small Spiderman bike with stabilizers. They can’t be taken off and the saddle cannot be adjusted. For that reason we promised him a new bike after his swimming lesson. The shop was only next door to the centre.

Luckily they had an orange bike. He had his heart set on an orange one because the one he learnt how to ride on in creche is orange as well. Matthew has never worn a helmet before. He was told he can’t have the bike unless he wears a helmet. We picked up a cool flame one. He loved it because it apparently “it makes him go super fast”.

In the afternoon daddy and Chloe went off into town to get Chloe a bit of a hair trim. Particularly in this weather, she is struggling with her hair. It should be really put up in a pony tail but when I do that, it doesn’t stay in very long. Meanwhile Matthew and I setup the cool shark swimming pool which can also spray water out of his fin. He spent most time in that. (In the shade of course)

The other day I had a browse on the internet to see if there was anything local around us we could do on Sunday. And I found it. Not even twenty minutes down the road from where we live is the Kildare Maze. I was hesitating a bit at the start because of the heat but we decided to go in the end and I am glad we did. We had our lunch there as they have a picnic area which was only recently done up. The kids had a ball. I will talk more about it in a seperate post. At the end both enjoyed some ice cream in this scorching weather.

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