Living Arrows 29/52 – Exploring

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” by Kahlil Gibran

Another weekend behind us. And we had such nice weather as well for it. I know I am talking about the weather a lot lately but I find it so important. It makes such a difference and nobody wants to head out in the rain and explore. It wouldn’t be my cup of tea anyway.

The weekend was super fun for both kids. On Saturday hubby arranged a play date for Matthew with one of his creche friends. He missed his swimming lessons for once. While daddy and Matthew headed to their house, Chloe and me went to the opening of the new Smyth Toystore in the town. The building burnt down a year ago and it opened its doors again on Saturday. Such a difference to the temporary one they had next door. There was music, characters jumping around, balloons, Smyth caps to grab and when you exit candy floss in either pink or blue. We were not tempted to buy anything big. We just picked up two bottles of bubbles. I do have to do another clear out of the play room though. There are toys that even Chloe is too old for now.

After lunch we had a date at the cinema. A week ago we booked tickets to see Cars 3. Both kids were very good and had some sweeties a drink and Matthew ate some popcorn. I didn’t even know he was much of a fan. I suppose he doesn’t get it that often. In fact I don’t think I ever gave him popcorn before. Chloe even had a nap half way through the movie. Ten minute before the end of the movie, Matthew was getting a bit fed up but we made it.  It’s nearly two hours long after all.

Sunday we decided to go on a not planned trip. Hubby always wanted to see Kildare Village. It’s an Outlet with cheap designer brands. Chloe and me have been once but this was in the Winter month so it wasn’t as enjoyable as it would be during the Summer.  I didn’t buy anything, we just had stroll around really and went for some light lunch in one of the cafes. After that we discovered a little “trailer” (as Matthew calls it) that sells coffee as well as yummy ice cream. We all shared a bit of everything… Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

It was onto our next little adventure. Japanese Gardens has been on our list for a long time and it’s only a five minute drive from Kildare Village. It was actually super busy. We paid the entrance fee (€25 for 2 adults and 2 kids) and explored Japanese Gardens first. It’s also the home of the Irish National Studs. Horseys everywhere for Chloe. We walked around for a good bit. We couldn’t go past the playground without trying it out. They both had a go on the swing and on the slide. We saw a few horseys but Chloe was terrified of going too close to them. Once you were further away, all you hear from her was “rub, rub”. She can’t make up her mind I guess. With the tickets you also got a sheet with a family quiz. As you go around, you have to find the correct answers. We didn’t get time really to do that though.

Living Arrows

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