Living Arrows 30/52 At Home


I am a day late with my Living Arrows post. I was just too busy yesterday writing it up. We had a weekend that wasn’t as adventurous for once. Which is nice as well I suppose. All we did last weekend was chores around the house, play in the garden and in the house.

Saturday morning was our usual routine. After having some breakfast, Matthew and me went off to the local swimming pool for his lessons. He has just three more to go and the ten week course is over. I want to keep him going with the swimming though. If we take a break, we are back to square on and he won’t like it anymore. For that reason, I was thinking of signing up to another local pool or pay for another ten weeks lesson course. I’d love to go swimming myself which means we both benefit from it.

At lunch time, Matthew had his friend coming over for a play date. He also brought his little brother who was able to play with Chloe. They are both around the same age. In fact they used to go to the same creche.

Hubby and Matthew drove to work after the play date while Chloe and me made a trip to IKEA. I know, I seem to be there a lot lately but I needed to stock on more frames and some plants. We don’t have any plants in the house. So I bought this palm tree and the living room makes such a difference.

Sunday we planned to go to a local farm. The weather didn’t look too promising. In fact it was drizzling every now and again. It was only supposed to be nice late in the afternoon which was too late to leave then. We decided against it and spent lunch time in Naas town. We went for a nice lunch in a cafe and I finally got the opportunity to get Matthew to try on his tracksuit for school. I bough two sizes because the sizing is actually very generous and 5-6 looks quite big on him. I can imagine the trousers will fall off him because he is so skinny.

Matthew then had a request. He was okay to try on his tracksuit IF we can go to the playground after. We couldn’t say no to that. I drove to the one which is just around the corner from our house. If we were to drive to the one we went last time, I know for a fact Chloe would have fallen asleep on the way there.

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  1. Lovely images of your children. Oh and do keep up with the swimming as I made the mistake of not doing so and had to start again

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