Living Arrows 31/52 – Time with just Mammy


The weekend is just whizzing away on us. It’s already Tuesday which means I am a day late with my Living Arrows post. We had a chilled out as well as busy weekend once again.

Hubby was away from Friday morning. He attended a wedding from one of his friends in Sligo. He made a weekend out of it and stayed with his parents until Sunday. This meant it was just me and the kids for once. We had some fun planned for the Saturday.  Saturday morning started off with some morning cuddles with baby cat and a nice breakfast.

After that we decided to stay indoors and play with all the toys in the kitchen. They do have a playroom but when it comes to building two train tracks, they are better off playing it in the kitchen. We also digged out one of our Orchard Toys games. We haven’t played in such a long time and Chloe has actually not been introduced to it. Matthew showed Chloe how to play it.

The afternoon was spent in one of Matthew creche’s friends house. We organised a play date for the two a few weeks back because they are really good friends and play together all the time. Two hours passed and we drove back home.

Sunday morning daddy was back and both kids were super excited. I went off in the morning to pick up some bits and pieces from Tesco as the cousins were coming over in the afternoon. As well as that Matthew and me had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon too. So a trip to Smyths Toystore was necessary. The party was taking place in a play centre only down the road from us. Matthew had a ball and was sweating like a pig after all the playing. As a reward they all got some chicken nuggets and chips and some Batman birthday cake. Shortly after they all went into a disco room and danced wild with balloons. It was time to go home once we received the party bags. Matthew told he cannot go home until he got his sweeties. Hilarious.

When we arrived home, the cousins had already arrived. More play time. He was definitely wrecked going to bed but it was a fun weekend. We have a few fun things planned for this coming weekend because it is a bank holiday. It means we get another day together. We might go on a little family trip to the North but haven’t confirmed it yet.

Living Arrows

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