Living Arrows 32/52 – Lighthouse & Farm Visit


I never even realised I was a day late with my Living Arrows post again. I blame the Bank Holiday weekend. We had another day as a family yesterday and of course I didn’t want to spend that on blogging. Instead we made some more memories and went to a harbour festival close to where the kids uncle lives.

For the bank holiday weekend we planned a mini break away as a family. I couldn’t waste the longer weekend and just stay home. Since we moved to the East of Ireland, I am more up to traveling and explore the country more. Everything is more close by than it was when we lived in the North West. Long car journeys with kids can be a nightmare sometimes but now it’s a maximum of two hours which is great.

Our weekend adventure took us to the sunny South East of Ireland, County Wexford that is. Last minute I found a hotel room in Wexford town. It was only suitable for two adults and one child but I persuaded them to book us in anyway as Chloe is only two and the room comes with a travel cot. (She didn’t sleep in it of course, the way she is going at the moment) There are so many things to do down there actually, we didn’t manage to fit it all in because Sunday was a rainy day.

On Saturday though we took a two hour journey on us and drove to the world’s oldest intact lighthouse called “Hook”. Hubby wasn’t overly impressed at first but found it a great day out in the end. The weather was incredible and there was lots to do for the kids on side. They had a BBQ going in the tent. We took the lighthouse tour. Matthew was loving it. We then had an ice cream in the lighthouse keeper’s house.

Sunday looked like an awful day. We woke up to rain and wind. Despite all that, we decided, after a lovely breakfast, we made our way to the Kia Ora Mini farm. It was forty minutes away and I was hoping the weather would improve by the time we got there. It was still cloudy and drizzling but we braved the farm. I am glad we did because it stopped raining for a bit and the kids were still having fun. Matthew got to pet a rabbit, ride on a fire engine, dig up sand with a real digger and drive around the farm with a tractor ride one. He had so much fun. Even Chloe decided to try out a ride on at the very end.

Living Arrows

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  1. Oh I must look up that book. I find lighthouses interesting for some reason. Generally I am not into history at all.

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