Living Arrows 3/52 Mini Golf

Our last week has gone by so quickly.  As usual Monday to Friday involved working for hubby and I while the kids were in creche. Chloe is in the wobbler room still but I can imagine she is going to move into the toddler room very soon. Even at her age she is learning quite a lot in that room. We were told by the minder that she is a great little helper. They were hoping that it rubs off her onto the other toddlers in her room. She is so good pushing in her chair after she finished her dinner and taking off her shoes when it’s nap time.

Our weekend was kind of a roller coaster. Chloe wasn’t her usual self. And she still isn’t. I am not too sure what is up with her but she doesn’t seem sick to me. She looks off form but she only had a temperature of 38 at the weekend and it wouldn’t go any higher than that. She played away as normal. She picked up a little cough and has a runny noise. All this sounds to me as if she is getting more teeth. The poor little thing is getting them all at once. She had us up last night for about two hours.

Saturday, for that reason, we decided to relax in the house and play and do nothing. On Sunday, after Chloe’s nap in the car, we drove down the local business park in Naas and played mini golf. Matthew played mini golf before when we were on holidays in Spain last year. He enjoyed it so much and he was jumping with excitement when I told him we would go. This place is great for any rainy days because it is an indoor mini golf area. It has 18 holes and I think is Ireland’s largest mini golf.

Your child has to be at least four years of age to be able to play. So that meant Chloe was too young but she was stuck in our arms anyway. While Matthew and I was doing our round, daddy and daughter were relaxing on the bench watching us.

We swapped around at the end then. Matthew got another go and played the whole course with daddy again. It something we might go and do every now and then. The admission is actually cheaper online but because it was a last minute thing, we bought the tickets in the place. Next thing our on our list is bowling.

Living Arrows

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