Living Arrows 40/52 – Autumn Walks

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran

At the weekend we braved the outside world again. It has been a while since we visited the local woods. The weather wasn’t too bad and the afternoon was free with nothing planned. Hubby has been taking the kids to this forest a few times now. I shared a living arrows post exactly twenty weeks ago in these woods, too.

Our usual routine on a Saturday morning is Swimming for Matthew while one of us is staying with Chloe at home. I used to be the one that brought him to his lessons but for some reason hubby has been taking him the past three weeks. He doesn’t mind to be honest. I couldn’t bring him on Saturday because the gardener was coming to discuss what way I want the garden designed. It’s an ongoing project and I have finished my bit. We should have the garden ready in the next month which is very exciting. I know we won’t use the garden much now that is getting colder but it’s nice to look at from the kitchen.

After lunch we headed out into the local town first and have a look at the local fire station’s open day. Like every boy, Matthew loves fire engines, too. They had a few demonstrations on with one being a pan on fire. They showed us what you should not do. To take out a fire, it is advised to throw a fire blanket over it and leave it there for a few hours. One of the firemen showed us what would happen if you throw a bit of water on top of it. A huge flame appeared and Matthew though “that was so cool”.

Donadea Forest Park is a twenty minutes drive. We had the bikes with us to keep the kids occupied while walking around.

It was actually quite busy. This time we didn’t stop at the cafe because we were just after having our lunch at home. I was really surprised at how much walking Chloe did. She did have her balance bike with her but she much preferred holding my hand. She was looking at the lake, the ducks, the leaves. Basically she was taking in all the different aspects of the nature.

In the middle of our walk we found the dodie tree again from last time .She really liked the idea of putting her own one up there. Only until she realised when we left, it is going to stay up there. So I took it down again for her. It was only to see her reaction really. I don’t think she is ready yet to give up her dodie just yet. It’s her comfort, same as it was for Matthew.

Sunday morning I wanted to watch Matthew playing football in the local sports hall. He is actually really good. I bought him a new football at the weekend. I think it’s actually a bit big compared to the one he uses in training. The afternoon we watched a movie and that was our weekend in a nutshell.

Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 40/52 – Autumn Walks

  1. Haha that’s okay. I didn’t get it even with the clues the girls gave me. They kept saying, you can get these in Greggs and I am like what is Greggs??? lol We don’t have the shop in Ireland. It probably would be the same as Centra.

  2. I have never heard of a dodie tree before. Lovely photos, it sounds like a brilliant weekend. It was lovely to meet you at blogon, and I’m sorry for ‘sausage roll’, it was the first thing that came into my head! (I am blaming the fact I hadn’t eaten any tea!!)

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