Living Arrows 6/52 – Birthday Celebrations

The last week has gone like a blitz.  I’d say it’s mainly because I put so much effort into Chloe having her best birthday ever. She is certainly a toddler now. She had a ball in creche last week celebrating with her little friends. It is the cutest thing ever. Even her big brother was allowed to join in the wobbler room for some rice crispie buns. I saw a collage hanging outside her room today with lots of photos from the day. Hopefully we will get to take some of those home. I think she will soon move into the toddler room but they haven’t mentioned anything to me yet.

So she is. Miss Chloe digging into her vanilla cupcake with a bit of pretty pink icing on Saturday. She wasn’t too sure about it first. Mainly because, as I mentioned in my previous post, she was a bit tired from all the excitement and should have really gone up for a nap but she wanted to fight it and be in the action. Hence those red cheeks by the way. Hubby’s sister pointed it out to me coincidental Chloe and I wore both a top with polka dots and both were blue. I actually picked up her dress in GAP when I was in London. It was absolutely gorgeous on her and it’s so casual that she can wear it everyday.

The above picture was taken on the green in our estate. We decided to all go out for some fresh air because the sun was shining and blue sky definitely gets you out of the house. Matthew was running up and down the hill the whole time. He took out the balance bike which was supposed to for Chloe as her birthday present. But because she is not as tall, she can’t even reach the bottom of it so for now it’s his. That will get him away from the Little Tikes ride on for now. He is way too big for it and the balance bike really suit him. He is still not a big fan of writing his actual Spiderman bike around the estate.

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  1. It surely is. My oldest is starting school this year. Not sure if I am ready for that. x

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